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Safer Light Rail Car Windows with Laminated Glass

Courtesy of VTA website

Passengers traveling in the light rail cars operated by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) will experience all the benefits associated with laminated glass windows supplied by ProCurve Glass. These benefits include safety from accidental or intentional impact and less noise due to the flexible polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer used to bond the glass together. In… Read more »

ProCurve Glass Enhances Tartan’s 455 Deckhouse Sloop

ProCurve Glass Enhances Tartan’s 455 Deckhouse Sloop

Sail magazine nominated the Top 10 Best Boats in 2023 and Ohio-based Tartan Marine made the list with its 455 Deckhouse Sloop. According to Wendy Mitman Clarke, Sail’s editor-in-chief, “Tartan’s new model is an intriguing hybrid that sails like a witch and offers true powerhouse perks.”  While the magazine focused on many of the outstanding… Read more »

High-Performance Marine Glass, Its benefits and How to Specify

Boat Curved Glass

High-performance marine glass is a strong, laminated glass construction that offers improved resistance to high energy impacts and the risk other glass products may have as to fall-out.  The better you understand this product and its proper specification, the better the chance of getting exactly what you wanted for your project.  Here is a step… Read more »

ProCurve Glass Exhibits at the 2023 IBEX Show

ProCurve Glass Design marine glazing for boat building

The 2023 IBEX Show takes place October 3-5 at the Tampa Convention Center. As in years past, ProCurve Glass will be on hand to exhibit its high-performance marine glass. According to ProCurve’s Steve Miller, the show is a great opportunity for him to connect with customers and interested Show attendees.  Marine Glazing for Boatbuilding ProCurve Glass… Read more »

Safety and Climate Change for Marine Glass

marine boat in water with curved glass from ProCurve Glass Design

As a supplier of high-performance marine glass, we have focused on safety in the design of all our marine glazing products. These products provide safety from accident impact, safety from the glass itself if breakage should occur, intrusion resistance, acoustical performance, and UV protection. The larger safety picture though, relates to the effects of climate change and… Read more »

Use More Glass in 2023!

Marine glass windshield from ProCurve Glass Design

10 Upcoming Yacht Design Trends – TrendBook Trend Forecasting ( Transparency is one of the upcoming 2023 yacht design trends, according to TrendBook, which noted “Glass is an upcoming design trend which promotes the feeling of wider spaces, evoking a perfect harmony between interior and exterior.” The expanded use of glass to expand visibility and… Read more »

New Marine Opportunity: Servicing Windfarms

Windmills standing tall in the ocean

The number of large, commercial scale windfarms is expected to increase significantly in the United States over the next ten years. According to the Biden Administration, the 2030 wind power target is 30 gigawatts (GW). We are currently at 0.042 GW. Senesco Marine As the windfarm industry grows, so too will opportunities for support vessels to… Read more »

Advantages of Glass Bonding

Bonded Glass Window for Marine applications

Bonded windows offer advantages over framed windows in marine applications. ProCurve Customer Service representative Steve Miller notes that customers are impressed with the overall performance of bonded windows. They report zero routine maintenance with direct glazed glass, as well as better aesthetics and easier installation. One customer commented, “Perhaps the greatest advantage is that if… Read more »

Bertram 31 Gets Full Make Over

Boat with curved glass from ProCurve Glass Design

Cooley Marine of Stratford, CT has launched a fully restored and modernized Bertram 31 yacht at the 2022 Rhode Island International Boat Show. According to President and Founder of Cooley Marine, Andrew Cooley, “The boat was rebuilt from the stringers up. We removed the original aluminum framed windows with a composite landing mullion system that could… Read more »

IBEX Show Coming to Tampa

Yacht boat with marine glass

ProCurve Glass will once again exhibit at the IBEX Show, September 27-29 at the Tampa Convention Center. The exhibition hall is open to all qualified marine industry professionals on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Thursday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  ProCurve’s booth is in Exhibit Hall 1, Booth 614. … Read more »