Custom Auto Glass

Give your car a sleek look and the best protection with specially-designed curved glass. ProCurve Glass makes durable, sleek and functional windshields and windows for sports cars, trucks, motor homes and other recreational vehicles. If you are tired of replacing windows year after year when stones, road debris, hail and other damages crack or break your glass, curved glass can solve the problem. The unique curving and bonding process makes ProCurve Glass especially sleek and durable, while still providing a crystal-clear view.

We use gas and electric curving kilns to make a perfect match to the shape of your vehicle, and fit the glass in seamlessly. We also use a bonding process to interlay curved glass and reinforce the surface. Using this technique, the glass will resist cracking and chipping, and even has the strength to stop bullets and heavy blasts. Additionally, the glass can be tinted to give you maximum privacy, and to also keep your interior 50 percent cooler by reducing UV light. Our curved glass can be constructed for parallel major bends, mutually inclined bends, and complex aerodynamic shapes. The glass has also been tested to meet the American National Standards Institute Standard Z26.1.

Install custom curved, reinforced glass on your sports car, RV, truck or another vehicle. Call 215-441-9101 today for more information.