Chemically Strengthened Glass

Chemcially Strengthened Glass InfoAt ProCurve Glass Design, Inc., we’re capable of providing you with a wide range of different types of glass to meet all your marine, automotive, and rail needs. We help make glass infinitely stronger by putting it through a chemical process designed to strengthen it. We specialize in supplying our customers with chemically strengthened glass every bit as durable as they need.

Process of Chemically Strengthened Glass 

ProCurve Glass Design, Inc. can create chemically strengthened glass for you by utilizing a process called an ion-exchange reaction. As part of this process, glass is placed into a bath containing potassium nitrate after it has been heated up to approximately 300 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the potassium nitrate starts to chemically react with the glass almost immediately. Large alkali potassium ions from the potassium nitrate exchanges places with the much smaller alkali sodium ions from the glass, which makes the glass stronger. The glass can stay in the bath for as long as 30 hours while this process plays out and changes into chemically strengthened glass.

Advantages of Chemically Strengthened Glass 

There are many advantages that come along with using chemically strengthened glass over other types of glass. For starters, it’s some of the strongest glass you’ll find. It’s often up to eight times stronger than float glass, which is a type of glass found in many modern buildings. If something does cause chemically strengthened glass to break, it’s also designed to break a lot differently than regular glass. It will break into large pieces as opposed to tiny shards. These benefits make chemically strengthened glass an attractive option to those searching for the right glass for a project.

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