Rail & Train Glass

Responsible for the welfare of millions of passengers each year, the strength and durability of train glass is essential. ProCurve Glass makes FRA I and FRA II parts for a number of trains, including inter-city rail cars, trolleys and more. With a specialized glass treating and bonding process, we make rail windows and windshields with exceptional strength and durability. The process also gives the glass additional functionality, making tinting easy and providing heat to prevent fogging and icing.

Custom Curved Rail Glass

Curved rail glass from ProCurve Glass is carefully tested in compliance with Federal Railroad Administration Standard 49 CFR Part 223. Our glass prevents damages and harm from the impacts that trains are commonly susceptible to, such as rocks and hail, as well as more severe damages. Made with a double reinforced layer of bonded glass and a resilient polyvinyl butural (PVB) interlayer, our rail glass can even protect passengers from the impact of heavy objects and even bullets.  We can make glass to suit any plane or angle on the train, and provide a seamless fit. We can also tint glass for extra privacy and keep the train cooler by preventing 50 percent of UV light from entering.

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