Custom Curved Glass Manufacturing for Marine, Auto, Rail & Heavy Equipment Industries


  • Our curving capabilities include gas and electric curving kilns for producing our glass curved products Made specifically for recreational and commercial watercraft (boats, yachts, ships).
  • Resists breakage from rough water and protects against impact from flying objects.
  • Resists moisture, water vapor and chemical attack.
  • Excellent optical quality.
  • Marine Glass consists of two pieces of strengthened bent glass permanently bonded together.
  • Used on powerboats, pleasure crafts, sailboats and commercial ships.
  • Provides protection, privacy and resists breakage.
  • Available in conical, cylindrical, and irregular forms.
  • Excellent optical quality and free of distortion.
  • Complies with two British Standards, as well as ISO Standards 3903 and 5779.
  • Built to Class
  • Tempered Marine Glass
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Other Markets Include…


Custom Bent Glass Manufacturing For Automobiles

  • Custom windshields for automobiles, trucks and motor homes
  • Outstanding performance and durability
  • Parallel major bends, mutually inclined bends, and complex aerodynamic shapes
  • Tested to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard Z26.1
  • Tested to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard Z26.
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Heavy Equipment

Custom Bent Glass Manufacturing For Heavy Construction Equipment

New and replacement windshields and side glazing for heavy machinery such as


Custom Bent Glass Manufacturing For Trains

  • FRA I & II parts for trains, inter city rail cars, and trolleys
  • Consisting of two pieces of strengthened glass bonded with a durable and resilient polyvinyl butural (PVB) interlayer
  • Proven effective in protecting passengers from impacting objects and even bullets
  • Testing is done in compliance with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Standard 49 CFR, Part 223
  • Rail Brochure
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Glass Specialists

Custom Bent Glass Manufacturing SpecialistsCurved and bent glass is designed to suit the exact shape of the vehicle and give it a sleek and aerodynamic look, while also providing extra reinforcement. ProCurve Glass specializes in curved, treated glass that performs better than standard glass while also creating a neater, smoother appearance. Curved glass does not contribute to optical distortion and allows a clear view, while providing better protection and functionality than regular glass.