Impact Resistant Glass

Your boat is a force to be reckoned with out on the water. However, you must take the necessary precautions to ensure that the vessel is prepared to face other forces like the energy of the ocean, flying objects and unpredictable inclement weather.

At ProCurve, we understand the potential impact your yachts and sailboats endure, and that’s why we offer customized marine glass, fit to your needs and impact-resistant.

What is Impact-Resistant Glass?

Marine glass on motorboatImpact glass was first introduced in the automotive industry, creating a stronger, more durable car windshield.

That innovative technology was then adopted by home builders and architects to protect southern homes from severe weather and even strong hurricane winds.

Defend against breakage from rough water & protects against impact from flying objects

What Makes Marine Glass Impact-Resistant?

Our marine glass is chemically strengthened and laminated to ensure stability and durability for your recreational or commercial yacht or sailboat.

If the glass does break in a storm, there is a greater chance that the lamination will hold the broken pieces in the frame and maintain the boat hull’s water integrity.

By laminating the glass, we are essentially making it harder to break, proving useful for most boatowners looking to add a level of security and safety to their vessel.

Laminated glass is composed of customized glass bonded to an interlayer, making it extremely difficult to give in to breakage. As you sail the open waters or even as your vessel rests at the dock, there will constantly be opportunities for accidental impact.

Benefits of Impact-Resistant Marine Glass

From battling rough waters to protecting against flying objects, strong laminated glass is an essential component for your yacht or sailboat.

For the Safety of Those Onboard

yacht jumping on a wave

Along with the multiple layers of our laminated marine glass, you can choose to have it made bullet-resistant and blast-resistant.

You and your guests can relax and rest comfortably in the safety of your cabin knowing that you are sheltered from the dangers of flying objects and harsh, inclement weather.

We can provide glass strong enough to allow for the approved removal of the requirement for storm deadlight protection by the major classification societies.

For the Security of Your Property

The laminated glass that we install will establish a stronger sense of security. The glass panels combined with the bonded interlayer make it tough to easily break-in to the cabin.

It would take multiple blows to the glass for the culprit to make a slight dent due to the strength and tear resistance of the interlayer holding it all in place. It would take time and effort to successfully break through laminated glass, which deters most burglars.

For the Longevity of Your Cabin

marine glass over the top of a yacht

You can’t have a perfect day out on the open water without a little sun. However, that sunlight tends to heat up your cabin—and the items within—quickly.

The impact-resistant marine glass that we craft and install can be made to reduce the solar heat gain in your cabin, not only saving you energy, but saving more on your vessel’s utility bill.

The durability of our marine glass will protect against UV rays that will fade the color within the cabin, furniture, and carpeting.

Take Advantage of Impact-Resistant Marine Glass

Invest in your yacht. Invest in impact-resistant marine glass.

At ProCurve, our team of experts will work with you to customize your marine glass to fit the needs of your yacht, sailboat, or other water vessel.

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