Heavy Equipment Glass

Custom Bent & Curved Glass Manufacturing For Heavy Construction EquipmentHeavy machinery like bulldozers, dump trucks, front-end loaders and rescue vehicles endure a host of damages that recreational vehicles don’t have to contend with. Flying rocks, inclement weather, falling objects at construction sites and other forces can quickly damage a window or windshield and put the vehicle out of commission. This results in thousands of dollars in damages and can put workers at risk. ProCurve Glass provides heavy equipment with extra protection through the use of curved, treated glass. With our specially-treated curved glass, vehicles will not be as susceptible to damages and drivers can operate the machinery with confidence.

Curved Glass for Heavy Equipment

The curving process gives glass a specific shape to suit the equipment, and uses an interlayering bonding process to provide extra strength and reinforcement. This glass may be curved into almost any shape, and the shape of the glass will not create notable distortion. The glass may also be heated, tinted, and even strong enough to resist bullets or blasts. Our glass for heavy equipment meets ANSI Z26.1 safety requirements and UL 752, NIJ 0108.01, and EN 1063 ballistics requirements.

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