Marine Bent & Curved Glass

ProCurve Glass Design, Inc. supplies specially-crafted glass for yachts, speedboats, sailboats, commercial ships and other marine crafts. With unique curving and bonding processes, we can make glass that not only protects your craft and gives it a smooth, elegant shape, but also enhances the functionality of the craft. If you are tired of your glass cracking and breaking during inclement weather, you are tired of the hot sun heating the inside of the craft, or if ice and fog have frequently disrupted your water travel, ProCurve Glass has the solution for you.

Using gas and electric kilns, we curve marine glass into a shape that will fit seamlessly on your motorboat, sailboat or another commercial or recreational craft. The curve in the glass does not sacrifice strength or optical quality. Using two pieces of specially-treated glass bonded together, the curved glass provides more strength than other glass. The glass can also be tinted to protect your privacy, heated to prevent icing and fogging, and can even be reinforced to stop bullets or blasts. The glass also reduces heat accumulation due to sunlight, and keeps your cabin 50 percent cooler.

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