Custom Vehicle Glass Specialists

Curved and bent glass is designed to suit the exact shape of the vehicle and give it a sleek and aerodynamic look, while also providing extra reinforcement. ProCurve Glass specializes in curved, treated glass that performs better than standard glass while also creating a neater, smoother appearance. Curved glass does not contribute to optical distortion and allows a clear view, while providing better protection and functionality than regular glass.

Curved Glass for Vehicles

ProCurve Glass uses specialized gas and electric kilns to produce exact curves to fit the vehicle, including commercial or recreational watercrafts, boats, yachts and other marine vessels, trains and trolleys, sports cars, motor homes, bulldozers, and other heavy equipment, and much more. Our curved glass meets safety specifications for all the vehicles listed and our glass has been approved by classification societies including ABS, DNV, GL, RINA and Lloyds Register to meet performance standards (Built to Class). In addition to extra durability, safety and performance, the glass can also be heated to prevent fogging and icing, and reinforced to withstand the force of a bullet or a heavy blast.

Reinforced Curved Glass

Use reinforced, curved glass to protect passengers and protect your assets. Contact 215-441-9101 to learn more about specialized curve glass and get a quote for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles.