Bertram 31 Gets Full Make Over

Cooley Marine of Stratford, CT has launched a fully restored and modernized Bertram 31 yacht at the 2022 Rhode Island International Boat Show.

Boat with curved glass from ProCurve Glass Design

According to President and Founder of Cooley Marine, Andrew Cooley, “The boat was rebuilt from the stringers up. We removed the original aluminum framed windows with a composite landing mullion system that could accept the direct glazed curved glass, as well as carry the weight of the flybridge.” 

Cooley continues, “We used privacy glass in the door and window adjacent to the interior toilet. Most of the time, the glass will be transparent, giving the driver an unobstructed view out the back of the boat.  However, when the toilet is occupied, the glass will turn opaque for privacy.”  

Cooley Marine delivers quality marine construction, repair & restoration solutions to all facets of the boating industry. From small boat repairs, comprehensive yacht refits, to groundbreaking multi-vessel

commercial new build projects.

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