Advantages of Glass Bonding

Bonded windows offer advantages over framed windows in marine applications. ProCurve Customer Service representative Steve Miller notes that customers are impressed with the overall performance of bonded windows. They report zero routine maintenance with direct glazed glass, as well as better aesthetics and easier installation. One customer commented, “Perhaps the greatest advantage is that if installed properly, these windows don’t leak.”

Bonded Glass Window for Marine applications

Downfall of Traditional Framed Windows

According to Miller, customers have pointed out the potential for significant damage if traditional framed windows are not maintained properly. Over time, frame seals can dry out, shrink, crack, and eventually leak internally.

Additionally, on steel vessels, rusting can occur, particularly on high exposure areas such as forward windows. Corrosion, while not as prevalent on aluminum vessels, does happen if the salt water is trapped between the window frame assembly and structure. It can become a costly undertaking to replace the windows when corrosion occurs. 

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