High-Performance Marine Glass, Its benefits and How to Specify

High-performance marine glass is a strong, laminated glass construction that offers improved resistance to high energy impacts and the risk other glass products may have as to fall-out.  The better you understand this product and its proper specification, the better the chance of getting exactly what you wanted for your project. 

Here is a step by step set of questions for you to address:

  1. Is the glass flat or curved?
  2. Is the glass clear or tinted?
  3. Is a coating required to reduce solar heat gain?
  4. Is switchable privacy glass a requirement?
  5. How will the glass be installed?  Are the edges exposed?
  6. Is the interlayer clear or tinted?
  7. Is the glass part of an insulating glass unit?
  8. Is mechanical property strength and stiffness a factor in your determination of overall thickness?
  9. Is post-breakage performance important for life safety or when the vessel operates offshore as opposed to near shore conditions?
  10. Are there any limitations on size or thickness due to existing framing?

Since there are many options in the specification of high-performance marine glass, check in with our technical service department if you have any questions or concerns.  For more information, ask for Steve Miller, our marine glazing technical support manager.

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