Importance of Maintaining Sealant Around Yacht Windows

Importance of Maintaining Sealant Around Yacht WindowsIf you own a yacht, it’s important for the glass windows that are installed on it to be maintained on a regular basis. You should, of course, clean the windows routinely to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from them. You should also make repairs to your yacht windows as needed since any chips or cracks in them could cause issues for you.

One important thing that yacht owners need to maintain when it comes to yacht windows is the sealant placed around them.

The sealant used around yacht windows is in place to protect the windows from water that splashes up on the boat as well as rain and other forms of precipitation. But over time, this sealant can crack and deteriorate in other ways, which could leave your yacht susceptible to water damage. It will offer up little resistance to water, and if you don’t fix the problem, the sealant may eventually erode away completely.

When this happens, water won’t just be able to get into your yacht. It will also, in all likelihood, be able to seep into your windows and come into contact with your laminated glass. The water could potentially do damage to the interlayer of the glass and cause the appearance of it to change. This means you’ll need to replace your yacht windows way sooner than expected or ride around in your boat with them looking worse than they really should.

You can prevent the sealant around your yacht windows from affecting your laminated glass by maintaining it at least once every one to two years. If you aren’t able to do this on your own or if you notice any other issues pertaining to your yacht windows, ProCurve Glass Design, Inc. is here to help. Call us at 215-441-9101 today to have a marine glass installer inspect and fix any problems you’re having with your yacht windows.