Cruising World Recognizes the KC54 Catamaran

Cruising World magazine announced winners in its Boat of the Year 2022 competition. The judges awarded Kinetic Catamarans a Special Recognition Award for Overall Excellence for its all-carbon KC54 boat. Kinetic Catamarans is a US company that owns its own yard in Knysna, South Africa. Their boats are designed by Simonis Voogd Design BV based in Cape Town and the Netherlands.

Why have we selected this boat for the focus of our blog this month?  Along with its special design, the KC54 catamaran features high-performance marine glass from ProCurve Glass.  The laminated glass units are exceptionally strong and resistant to impact and degradation from UV. The gray tint helps to minimize glare and solar heat gain, creating a more comfortable interior environment.

Why is High-Performance Marine Glass Beneficial?

It’s important to remember that the elements out at sea can cause damages to your boat, yacht, or other marine vehicle. When investing in laminated glass from us, we’re giving you the highest quality glass design to ensure safety, protection, and performance against any elements that are out there on the water.

For more information on high-performance marine glass, contact Steve Miller, or read more on our website!