Marine Windshields: Building in Safety with Laminated Glass

Unlike motor vehicles and trains, boats are not required to incorporate laminated glass in windshields.  Many boat builders do opt for laminated glass because it is the only fabricated glass product that offers glass retention after breakage. The consequences of glass breakage of tempered glass can be catastrophic. Think about it, while tempered glass offers a strength advantage, it can be a liability if broken. Glass particles will fall out of the frame, leaving the boat vulnerable to water and wind damage.

Laminated Glass for Safety

The best assurance of safety is to install a laminated product in marine windshields. This has long been the practice among European boat builders and serves as a lesson for companies in North America. It is not worth taking the risk associated with broken tempered glass. To learn more about laminated glass, see the Tech sheet on our website. 

Visual of Tempered Glass on a Boat

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