Black or White: Which Frit is Right?

Perimeter painted frit is a colored band on glass applied during the manufacturing process that serves as a barrier against UV radiation to protect the adhesive. It also provides a cosmetic benefit by concealing the adhesive when viewed from the outside. Typically, the frit is black, but white can also be an option. Which one is right for your project?

White Frit for Glass design

Design Factors to Consider:

Black frit is very forgiving and slight variations in color are not noticeable.

White frit, on the other hand, has more factors to consider that affect the final look. These include the type of glass and the application process, as well as considerations that can affect overall appearance. Click here for more information on white frit.

ProCurve Glass Design

At ProCurve Glass Design, we specialize in glass design for automotive, marine, construction, and rail. If you’re looking for white frit for marine applications, we recommend making and evaluating samples prior to ordering.

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