The Benefits of Bent Marine Glass

Many boat owners know that the look and condition of their boat is extremely important. Whatever boat you have, the attractiveness and safety are at the top of the priority list. With Bent Marine Glass, it will enhance the functionality and protection of your boat. With the summer months just around the corner, you may want to consider going with bent glass.

Bent glass design for luxery boats

How It’s Made

We, at ProCurve Glass Design curve marine glass into a specific shape using two separate pieces of treated glass and bond them together to strengthen it. The process consists of using gas and electric kilns, which helps curve the shape to fit your boat a specific way.

Some Potential Options When Selecting Custom Bent Marine Glass

  • Custom tint colors available
  • Add heating to prevent ice and fog
  • Reinforcement to stop debris
  • Reduce heat by blocking IR energy

Your boat’s condition is something to always be thinking about.  With customized bent marine glass, we will be able to construct to your needs, so that you can improve your trips out on the water.  Getting out on the water with your boat is supposed to be an activity that allows you to escape from the daily stresses in your life.

Don’t Wait till Next Year!

If you’re looking for an extra enjoyment this summer, consider bent marine glass for your boat.  Contact ProCurve Glass Design at 215-441-9101 for more information on our curved and bent marine glass options. We can help you make your boat rides more enjoyable and stress-free!