Making Difficult Window Projects Refit Easily

Owners as well as shipyards are always cautious about projects that involve removal and replacement of windows for yachts. Tim Cooper, Project Manager with the Marine Group Boat Works, LLC in San Diego Bay acknowledged this concern when he undertook a project for MY Fidelis, a 56-meter sailing yacht.  that called for the replacement of 29 complex curved windows.

After completion, Tim Cooper contacted the Marine Glass Manager Steve Miller at ProCurve Glass Design noting gratitude and thanks for a finished project that exceeded his expectations. ProCurve Glass Design worked closely with the shipyard to provide all the needed technical assistance from compliance to Class, templating, window manufacture at their Hatboro, PA USA location, and ultimately coordination with the glass installer. 

Marine Group Boat Works provides full-service expertise to haul out, refit, repair, and construct vessels.  Adding a window system supplier to their super yacht team allowed them to take on this complex and challenging project with the confidence that ProCurve Glass Design would handle all the details necessary to ensure a successful result.

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