Inspecting the Caulk Around the Boat Glass

After getting new marine glass for your boat, it is very important to be always checking up and inspecting the caulk tip out around the glass.  The caulk needs to be bonded to both the glass and the boat. If it’s not still bonded, then it should be re-tipped when you see that it is separating.

Inspecting caulk on your boat glass windshield

The caulk is meant to prevent water and other chemicals from getting behind the glass and seeping into the boat, and also from attacking the edge of the glass. As long as you consistently check up on the caulk and maintain the condition, the glass can last forever.

Things to Look Out for

A big concern can be pooling water on the edge of a window. This can be a factor in the long-term durability of the window. It is essential that when caulking, it is done so that it allows the water to drain away from the glass and caulk. This is an area that consistently creates a puddle at the edge of the glass and caulk, which will eventually erode. If you can see cracks or wear in the caulk, it is time to get it fixed.

How to Repair Caulk on the Glass

The best recommendation is to get a professional to re-tip your caulk on the windows of your boat if needed. A lot of boat owners would like to fix the problem on their own, which is definitely an option, and ProCurve Glass Design can help you with selecting a compatible caulk to use to re-tip.  Selecting a compatible caulk is critically important as an incompatible product will ultimately result in a failure of the glass panel.  We specialize in making Marine Bent & Curved Glass for many yachts, sailboats, and other boats. We can customize the glass to your liking, so that it protects your craft and gives it a smooth, elegant shape.

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