High Performance Marine Glass Featured on Zeelander Z72

Launched in 2019, the Z72 is now Zeelander’s flagship. This sports cruiser has an extended 22-meter platform, making her the largest Zeelander ever. The Zeelander in-house design team created the exterior of the yacht in collaboration with Cor D. Rover. Inspired by the way Porsche has incrementally evolved its designs over time, the Z72 features an S-shaped deck line and a wider stern compared to the Z55 model. Zeelander brings Yacht building to an art form, which means the elegance and beauty cannot be denied.

Zeelander Yacht

Glazing Safety and Performance

The high-performance marine glass supplied by ProCurve Glass ensures safety, as well as comfort.  Incorporating a special heat-reducing film, the glass helps to minimize the effects of heat build-up on hot, sunny days.  The curved laminate is comprised of two lights of chemically strengthened glass.  The laminated includes ProCurve HeatShield, an energy-saving spectrally selective coating that reduces solar heat gain, creating a more comfortable interior environment. This performance feature is especially beneficial in hot climates.  

Why Choose ProCurve Glass for High-Performance Marine Glass?

Our specialty is glass design, and one of the main specialties of ours when it comes to working with glass design is marine glass. Marine glass is specifically designed for boats of all sizes. It is meant to withstand rough waters and harsh weather. Our marine glass has become a staple aboard many yachts like Zeelander. Our marine glass is built to class, durable, resistant, and functional as a state-of-the-art boat windshield.

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