Tempe, AZ Invests in a Modern Transit System

Tempe Streetcar is the first modern streetcar line in the Phoenix Metropolitan area (aka the Valley). Once complete in 2020, it will serve one of the highest transit ridership centers in the region. 

Glass design in Tempe Streetcar light rail

Brookville was contracted to design and build six off-wire capable Liberty Streetcar vehicles.  The Liberty Street Cars will operate along a new streetcar corridor connecting Tempe residents and visitors, as well as Arizona State University (ASU) students with key current and emerging destinations.  

The streetcar vehicle will include on-board battery energy storage, allowing the vehicles to travel segments without overhead power wires for portions of the route.  The streetcar batteries will recharge while connected to areas where there is overhead wire.

Streetcars Outfitted with ProCurve Glass 

ProCurve’s transportation safety glass is installed in streetcar windows and doors, as well as front-facing windshields.  The glass complies with ANSI Z26.1, the American National Standard that addresses glazing in motor vehicles.  Heated windshields are light gray in appearance with a Visible Transmission of 70%.  Dark gray glass is used in passenger side windows and doors.

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