Stancraft Wooden Boats Company

Stancraft Wooden Boats Company has been in business since 1933. Originally founded in Lakeside, Montana, this Idaho-based company is known for its custom mahogany boats. Experienced craftsmen assist customers in all phases of development, from sketches and renderings through the various stages of construction. Before each boat leaves the factory, it is water tested for a minimum of six hours. Its systems are dialed, props are tuned, and engines are running perfectly.

stancraft wooden boat with ProCurve glass windshield

ProCurve Glass Design Collaboration

As a manufacturer of curved glass, ProCurve Glass was pleased to supply Stancraft with curved laminated glass windshields for some of their custom boats. These windshields are comprised of laminated glass bonded with a tough, moisture resistant interlayer. In addition, distortion-free chemically strengthened glass was specified in the laminate for excellent visibility and additional impact resistance.

At ProCurve Glass Design, we specialize in marine glass for a variety of applications. We love partnering with marine businesses to develop high quality glass pieces for their boats. Contact ProCurve Glass Design at 215.441.9101 today or visit us online for more information!