Replacing Windshield on Heavy Equipment

If you’re using heavy equipment such as bulldozers, tractors, excavators, bobcats, etc. on a regular basis, you’ll know that the windshield takes quite a bit of beating. It’s extremely important for you to have the windshield on it replaced if it is ever cracked, chipped, or damaged in any way. You should not, under any circumstances, ever attempt to use a piece of heavy equipment without a windshield or with a windshield that is broken.

construction glass windshield

Here are a few reasons why you should replace your windshield before using it:

Safety is Number One

If you attempt to use a piece of heavy equipment that has a damaged windshield, you’re increasing the chances of an accident that could cause an injury to you or someone else as a result of flying debris. A broken windshield may not be able to prevent stones, metal, and other debris from crashing through it, and you could end up getting hit by these when you are behind the wheel. You could also hurt yourself or others if the debris causes glass to shatter and go everywhere.

Visibility is Needed

When you are driving a piece of heavy equipment, you’ll need to be able to see all of the surroundings around you. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, it will be much more difficult to see everything and to maneuver the heavy machine. Even a small imperfection can create a blind spot that will make your worksite unsafe. It’s never a good idea to drive heavy equipment when you can’t see out of your windshield in all directions.

Prevent OSHA violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates that all heavy equipment windshields be intact and have working windshield wipers on them. If you are found to be using equipment that has a damaged windshield, you could face costly fines. Your worksite could even be shut down until you are able to make the necessary repairs to your equipment.

ProCurve Glass Design

At ProCurve Glass Design, Inc., we understand the importance of repairing and replacing damaged windshields on pieces of heavy equipment right away. Whether you have a bulldozer, a forklift, or any other piece of heavy equipment, we can use our unique curving process to create a windshield that is ideal for whatever heavy equipment you use. Call us at 215-441-9101 today to find out more about our heavy equipment windshield services!