Now That’s a Big Windshield – Glass Windshield for Donzi Yacht

ProCurve Glass is always ready to take on challenges in glass fabrication for the marine industry. A project for Roscioli Donzi’s R76 Sportish luxury yacht is a perfect example of ProCurve’s ability to meet the challenges of today’s designers. 

Donzi Yacht glass from ProCurve Glass Design

How Do They Do It? 

It starts with accurate measurements, followed by an unwavering focus on quality during manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and, ultimately, installation. But this project added an additional dimension—the glass was big. 

The oversized curved laminated glass windshield was half-inch thick and constructed of two plies of chemically strengthened glass bonded together by a high-performance marine interlayer. The glass had a girth of 176 inches, a height of 74 inches, and a 17-1/2-inch depth of bend. This oversized single panel windshield ensures excellent visibility and an uninterrupted, panoramic view. To learn more about the Roscioli Donzi R76 MED, visit Donzi Yachts

ProCurve Glass has expanded its fabrication capabilities to make oversized glass a reality for boatbuilders, as well as other vehicle manufacturers in the transportation sector. For more information, contact us by email or speak with one of our experienced support representatives at 215-441-9101.