Glass is the Most Environmentally Friendly Material Used in Construction

Heavy Construction Equipment Curved GlassOn Monday, April 22nd, we will celebrate the global holiday known as Earth Day. Whenever this time of year comes around, we instantly start to think about our daily actions and how they affect this big blue ball that we call home.

If you are looking for some good news, then consider this: while most people believe construction sites to be a danger to the environment, the glass used at construction sites is actually incredibly environmentally friendly.

Glass has become the new go-to with construction office buildings and homes

Recent developments including lamination, double glazing, and special coatings have done wonders to increase the thermal performance of glass, and the use of glass is becoming even more popular over time.

Windows create indoor spaces that are able to both maximize light exposure and control the temperature of the area within. People tend to enjoy buildings made with a lot of glass because it creates a more open atmosphere and a clear look at the outside world.

What makes glass so sustainable is the materials that it’s made from

A lot of glass is made from non-polluting raw materials and the construction of glass uses very little water and creates very little waste.

When a structure incorporates a lot of glass, other systems don’t have to work as hard

Homes using a lot of glass can see a decrease in their electric bills and any advanced glass coatings can also keep buildings warm during cold winters and prevent the leakage of extreme heat in the summer.

With new advancements happening all the time, it is easy to see that glass is the safer and smarter choice for those who love Mother Earth.

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