Curved Glass for the Marine Industry

Curved Glass and Marine Industry Over the course of the last few decades, yachts and other boats have gotten bigger and more intricate than ever before. Most boat owners are no longer content to simply take their boat off a factory line and put it in the water. They want to customize their boats as much as possible and add personalized designs to every square inch of it. This is a part of the reason why curved glass has become a staple aboard many yachts and boats.

Curved glass can be manufactured to fit just about any space, and it’s that versatility that has made it popular among yacht and boat owners.

Whether they need to create a large window to protect the driver of a boat or windows for those down below deck on a boat, curved glass is the perfect solution.

Curved glass in the marine industry also serves a very specific function.

Many of today’s boats are faster and perform better than boats did even just a few years ago. Because of that, boat owners rely on curved glass to stay in place and protect them from the elements. Many yacht designers have studied the glass used on luxury supercars and private jets to get inspiration for how to create curved glass that is both beautiful and functional, and they have succeeded in doing it.

At ProCurve Glass Design, we can create curved glass for any yacht, speedboat, sailboat, commercial ship, or other marine application. We are just as concerned about keeping our clients safe on their watercraft as we are with making sure their curved glass looks as smooth and elegant as possible. We use gas and electric kilns to curve our marine glass so that it will fit your boat seamlessly, and we guarantee your marine curved glass will be strong and durable for many years to come.

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