Classification Societies for Ship Building

Classification societies are non-governmental organizations that are in place to provide rules and regulations for how ships must be built. The goal of classification societies is to make sure that boats are safe and designed and built to handle the task they were built to do. These societies oversee the design and construction of new boats along with maintenance and upkeep of to ensure they meet the standard (aka Class) they are supposed to meet.

The ship-building process

The overlook of classification societies will give you, the boat owner, the confidence in the safety of your boat and its passengers and the process starts at the very beginning of the boat design.  The first step is determining what class the boat will be built to and from that point forward the classification society will be involved with ensuring everything from the design to the construction (including specific materials used) are all vetted to ensure the final product meets the requirements of the class

Classification societies give the final approval

This affects a company like ProCurve that specializes in providing glass solutions for those who own large yachts, commercial vessels and more. The glass must go through a rigorous testing and approval process in order to certify the glass to be used in class applications.  The process involves a significant amount of testing to determine the physical properties of the glass and ensure that what we produce meets the demands of the sea.  ProCurve has gone through this process.

If you are planning on installing glass on a new boat, or if you have old glass on your boat that needs to be replaced, ProCurve can help you navigate the confusing waters of classification societies and seek the approval you need to get your glass in no time. Contact us at 215-441-9101 today!