Chemically Strengthened Glass: New Application

There are many types of glass out there in the world. There are some, like the glass used to make kitchen glasses and lightbulbs, that will shatter without much force at all. There are others, like the bulletproof glass used to create windows at banks, that are almost impossible to break without a bomb or some other traumatic force. Chemically Strengthened Glass: New Application

But there is also another kind of glass that sits in between these two types. It’s called chemically strengthened glass, and it can be used for many practical applications.

Chemically strengthened glass is strong because it is subjected to a chemical strengthening process that is also known as ion-exchange. In order to strengthen glass, a glass manufacturer will submerge it in a bath of potassium nitrate, which will allow for large alkali potassium ions to take the place of the smaller alkali sodium ions that usually sit on the surface of glass. This makes the glass significantly stronger and allows for it to be used in a variety of new ways. Even though it’s been around for many years now, companies are still finding plenty of practical uses for chemically strengthened glass and putting it to good use.

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