Recycling Large Glass 101

Tips on Recycling Glass One of the best parts about glass, outside of the fact that it can be used to manufacture many different things, is that it’s 100 percent recyclable. It can be recycled endlessly, and you won’t ever experience a dip in quality or purity when it’s recycled the right way.

Here are some other facts about recycling glass you might not know.

Recycled glass is just about always used when creating new glass

Whenever a manufacturer is creating glass products, they’re usually using at least a little bit of recycled glass to do it. It’s much cheaper for them to get glass that already exists and melt it down to create new glass rather than creating glass from scratch. Those companies that operate in the container and fiberglass industries buy more than 3 million tons of recycled glass every year for this very reason.

There are many benefits that come along with recycling glass

In addition to allowing them to manufacture new glass products, recycling glass also benefits businesses in lots of other ways. It reduces emissions and cuts down on the number of raw materials used to make glass. It also makes manufacturing equipment last longer and saves quite a bit of energy on an annual basis.

Window glass needs to be separated from other materials

One thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to recycling glass is that recyclers want glass to be separated so it’s not connected to anything like glue, wood or plastic. It must be removed from its window frame before being sorted out according to the specific type of glass it is. You don’t need to separate tempered glass or different colors. This can make the window glass recycling process slightly more complicated, but it’s still every bit as beneficial as regular glass recycling.

We care about the environment here at ProCurve Glass Design. The scrap glass we generate is separated into a dedicated container and returned for recycling.

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