Laminated Glass in the Marine Industry

Laminated Glass Info Laminated glass can be some of the strongest and most durable types of glass around. It’s made by taking two or more pieces of glass and bonding them together with an interlayer in between them. This provides laminated glass with its strength and prevents it from shattering in the event that it’s ever broken.

Thanks to its strength, laminated glass has become popular in a range of different industries. It’s been used to build cars for more than 80 years now. Windshields are laminated glass products that are specifically designed to keep both drivers and passengers safe in the event of an automobile accident. Laminated glass has also been used early and often by architects, builders, and designers putting together plans for structures. Outside of the fact that laminated glass can keep these structures more secure, it can also be used to reflect UV rays from the sun, which can make buildings more comfortable and reduce energy costs.

Additionally, laminated glass has found a home in the marine industry in the form of high performance marine laminated chemically strengthened glass.

The marine environment is particularly rough on typical laminated glass and has lead to problems with delamination in the past.  Our HPML-CG product has been designed, tested and field proven to work specifically for the marine environment.

HPML-CG is up to two to three times stronger than regular laminated glass, and it’s also more lightweight and aesthetically pleasing. It’s been used by boat builders, cruise ship designers, naval architects, and more. It can protect ships from everything from flying debris to ballistic threats, and it can also reduce the “roller wave distortion” that you might experience if you choose to go with tempered glass for a marine application. You’ll be able to see through HPML-CG clearly while still enjoying all the benefits of using it.

Does laminated glass sound like something that might benefit you? ProCurve Glass Design specializes in creating and installing the best laminated glass and HPML-CG in the business. Contact us today to discover how we can help you!