How to Stay Safe Around Heavy Equipment

There are plenty of workers on construction sites that are killed due to safety hazards and not following the right safety tips. You can help prevent accidents on your job sites by taking the proper safety precautions. Let’s take a look at a few of the safety tips you and your employees should follow to limit the number of accidents involving heavy equipment.

Construction equipment with curved glass


Before you get behind the wheel of a piece of heavy equipment, you should walk around the outside of it and give it a visual inspection. You should also dig a little deeper and inspect everything from the hydraulic hoses on the equipment to the oil levels, just to make sure everything appears to be in good working order.


You should have a spotter in place who can communicate with you to check the surroundings, so that you won’t hit anything during the job. The spotter can point out where other workers are and let you know if you’re coming too close to a structure. The spotter can also limit the effect blind spots can have on you.

Load Limits

This can be an issue with any construction site because the job can be tough and stressful, so overloading the equipment to get the job done can be a common occurrence. Every piece of machinery has a load limit, and it is essential to obey those limits, otherwise this could cause an accident, which may result in people getting hurt.

Curved Glass

When you’re using heavy equipment, rocks can fly up and hit your windshield. Objects on your construction site can also fall over and come into contact with your equipment. By installing curved glass on your heavy equipment, you can protect those who use it and prevent them from getting hurt while working. Curved glass can be customized to fit just about any heavy equipment.

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