FRA Testing for Train Applications

FRA Testing for Train ApplicationsThe Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is very strict when it comes to regulating the glass that is used on trains—and for good reason. Train glass is responsible for protecting millions of people across the country who rely on trains every year. The glass needs to be thick enough to prevent the damage that can be done by rocks, hail, and other potentially harmful objects that can strike at a moment’s notice. So, the FRA is diligent about checking the glass used on trains as well as trolleys and more.

ProCurve understands the importance of creating glass that can stand up to the rigorous FRA testing, and we create a variety of FRA I and FRA II parts that can be used on trains safely.

We utilize a specialized glass treating and bonding process that makes train glass both strong and durable. Our process also allows us to prevent fogging and icing on train glass, and it makes tinting the glass easy if specific train companies choose to go that route.

All of the curved train glass that ProGlass manufactures is tested carefully to ensure that it complies with FRA Standard 49 CFR Part 223.

It’s made with a double reinforced layer of bonded glass in addition to a resilient interlayer that is designed to resist the demands of rail service. We can come up with FRA-approved solutions for any angle on a train and provide clients with a fit that is absolutely seamless. We make sure our glass meets or exceeds all regulations and strive to provide the safest, most effective train glass on the market.

When you install glass created by ProCurve, you will have total confidence in it. You will also rest assured knowing it has been given the OK by the FRA since we work closely with them to ensure our glass is thick enough and up to code. Call us at 215-441-9101 today to inquire about purchasing train glass from us.